seven tips for a successful music party
bullet 1. Decide in advance when you would like to start the musical portion of your party. Planning an activity for the children to do while waiting for other guests to arrive will keep them in a much better frame of mind - and probably save some wear and tear on your living room!
bullet 2. If possible, provide a separate space for the musical portion of your party. If not, have the children (or for younger ones, their parents) quickly remove any toys, balloons, etc. in the space where they will be sitting as soon as you are ready for the music to start.
bullet 3. It’s fine to have the children sit on the floor, chairs aren’t necessary. A carpet or some cushions to sit on can make things more comfortable for them.
bullet 4. Serve snacks and cake either before the music or after the music - but not during, please! Keep snacks, drinks and food separate from the area where you want the performance or they’re likely to be a distraction.
bullet 5. If you are planning to offer parents a place to socialize during the party, it should be away from where Matt and the children are singing. If this isn’t possible, encourage them to chat quietly - or better yet, to sing along! Parents who remain at the party are welcome to sit with the kids and participate in the songs.
bullet 6. Matt is always happy to have parents help out as judges for the various games and contests he does with the older kids, so feel free to volunteer!
bullet 7. Many parents ask Matt to end the musical portion of the party by singing "Happy Birthday" as they bring out the birthday cake, and request a subtle cue a few minutes before this to prepare the cake, light candles, turn on cameras, etc. Please let Matt know how you wish to handle the timing of this part of your party.

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