quick q&a with matt guitar
bullet Q. How would you describe your music?
A. Raffi meets Monty Python on three double espressos. With puppets.
bullet Q. Would I recognize any of your songs?
A. I sing a mixture of traditional, folk, popular and kid-friendly rock songs, plus a healthy dose of what would be called "camp" songs in the United States - silly songs of unknown origin that most kids seem to learn at summer camp. However, I’ve altered most of them to suit my particular brand of humor.
bullet Q. Can you travel to my home or event outside of Paris?
A. No problem. I only ask that you cover any extra travel expenses I would incur.
bullet Q. Do you have a facility to host birthday parties if I need one?
A. No, I would typically come to your home or another space of your choosing. However, if you need a space I may able to suggest something.
bullet Q. Do you take requests?
A. Yes, within reason! Give me some advance notice and I’ll try to learn whatever song you’d like (no promises, though). I’m also happy to try to put together songs to fit a particular theme, if you have one in mind.
bullet Q. Can you sing and play outdoors?
A. Sure! Actually, I prefer it. A word of warning, though - playing instruments is prohibited in most public parks in Paris. However, there are some that are more serious about this rule than others.
bullet Q. Do you provide any other services besides your musical performances?
A. Sorry, not really. But if you’re looking for help with invitations, decorations, cakes and snacks, party favors and other activities, I’ll be happy to direct you to some people I know who might be able to help.
bullet Q. Do you sing in French?
A. No. I speak French but I don’t sing in French. Trust me - you don’t want to hear what happens when I try.
bullet Q. Are your songs a good way for French children to learn English?
A. Of course - and a good way for English-speaking children to learn English, too! However, I have found consistently that it’s not the language ability of the child that matters, it’s the ability of the group as a whole. A child who speaks no English at all can enjoy my performances, as long as most of the kids in the group or audience do speak English. Similarly, an anglophone child is less likely to enjoy the concert if the audience is predominantly non-anglophone. For this reason, I prefer to perform for audiences where most of the kids are anglophone or bilingual.
bullet Q. I like the idea of what you do but I’m looking for a bigger sound for my party or event. Do you happen to know an English-speaking six-piece rock band in Paris with a great sense of fun?
A. As a matter of fact I do! Click here to check out my band, The Doodads. We generally play just for the fun of it at charity events or for our kids’ schools, but I’ll be happy to see if I can arrange a private booking if you need one.

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