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Matt has spent most of the last two decades teaching kids to love science and nature.  He holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Education from Yale University, and worked as Naturalist and Director of Education for the Connecticut Audubon Society, the New Canaan Nature Center and other science education organizations in the US for 14 years before moving to Paris in 2005.  When not performing music here in Paris, he teaches science to primary school students and is in demand as a guest speaker in several international schools. 

All of Matt’s interactive science parties and programs incorporate direct observation and multisensory, hands-on learning, and are delivered with the same humorous, engaging teaching style as his musical performances.  Matt provides all program materials and is always ready to conclude any science program or party with an appropriate silly song!

Science party offerings:
bullet  Science Magic (age 5 and up):  You won’t believe your eyes, ears and senses when you see the spectacular Cloud in a Bottle trick, witness the amazing Paper Clip Plunge, dare the fabulous Wet Head Challenge, and hear the incredible Shoelace Church Bells!  But it’s not magic, it’s science – Matt performs a series of surprising “tricks”, and then shows how each one illustrates a simple scientific principle.  Great for mixed or larger audiences and younger children.
bullet  Creepy Crawlies (age 5 and up):  You may live in a city, but there is a hidden world of animals right at our feet - buzzing bees, crawling ants and creeping critters in every direction. Did you know that for every person living in Paris, there are billions of insects living here too?  We'll learn to tell the difference between insects, spiders, and "something elses", and then go see what real bugs we can find!  Note: this party/program requires an outdoor space (garden or park) and is seasonal – contact Matt for more details.
bullet  Owls on the Prowl (age 7 and up):  What animal is armed with razor sharp talons, can fly as silently as a moth and detect its prey even in pitch darkness, and is strong enough to hunt animals twice its own weight?  Owls are some of the most powerful, stealthy and deadly predators in any habitat where they live, and this party/program introduces kids to their amazing adaptations through interactive games and demonstrations.  And, for a special treat, we’ll dissect their pellets (coughed-up lumps of undigested fur and bones of the animals they’ve eaten) to see what prey they’ve been hunting!  Each child will receive his or her own sterilized pellet to dissect with Matt’s help.  Note: this party/program requires a 2€/child materials fee to cover the high cost of the owl pellets.
bullet  Electrifying Science (age 8 and up):  We use electricity every day, but what is it and how does it work? Which materials conduct electricity and which ones are resistors? Come explore this highly charged topic as we build our own circuits and test out various household objects to check their conductivity. It all concludes with the world-famous "Pickle Day" experiment, you have to see it to believe it!
bullet  Rockin’ Rocks (age 8 and up):  Have you ever held something a billion years old in your hands?  Sure you have, lots of times – rocks!  Rocks rock, and the story of their creation involves everything from volcanoes to dinosaurs to meteors to earthquakes.  In this very hands-on program, we’ll learn how rocks are formed, and then perform tests on mystery minerals to determine their identities, using the geologist’s tools of the trade.
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