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bullet "We don't think we've ever met anyone with such a natural talent for teaching and working with children. Matt engages each and every child from the minute he arrives. His songs are fun, amusing, creative, enchanting, unforgettable!" Joanie, Guillaume and Alexander C., Paris

bullet  "For 8 years, Matt was a huge part of our two daughters' summer camp experience. As he sat 100+ kids in a circle on the lawn, twice a day all summer long, all eyes were on him. He had the attention of every child, every camp counselor, every parent. Day after day, his zany antics entertained without ever getting stale. We LOVE Matt!" Angela J., Pound Ridge, NY (USA)

bullet  "How our preschool children eagerly look forward to the day when they will be "Singing Silly Songs with Matt " and his guitar! Whether it be "Salamander Face", "Down by the Bay", or one of many other songs, the children are happily singing along, making funny faces, clapping their hands or dancing. Matt has a real knack with children, and with his easy and engaging style, he establishes an immediate rapport with them. They quickly respond to his warm and humorous manner, always wondering what animal or surprise Matt will pull out of his pack to accompany the song. Little do they know it, but they are developing their language skills as well – counting, rhyming, thinking of animal names, following directions… Non-English speakers as well as native speakers, children and adults – we all go away happy, with tunes in our head after spending time with this wonderful children's singer!" Carolyn Comfort, Head of Preschool Lennen Bilingual School, Paris

bullet  "I wholeheartedly recommend Matt Black and his one-man show. A talented children's musician, Matt wows the crowd with his lively mix of fun, nonsense and classic rhymes and songs. Each session got the kids (and adults!) singing, dancing and laughing together. I have always looked forward to Matt's gigs!" Helen Stathopulos Géhin, Librarian, EABJM, Former Youth Librarian, American Library in Paris 

bullet  "Matt knew how to get the kids' attention and had a sense of time management appropriate for their age. The kids and the staff just loved him. Matt knows how to sing, laugh, play and perform all at the same time. His songs are catchy, creative and fun. My daughter still sings and hums his songs. She sometimes won't fall asleep until we sing these songs. There is hardly any kids' event for which I wouldn't want Matt to participate. Kids of every age group seem to enjoy his performances. He is also very reliable and responsive which makes it easy on the parents. 100% recommended!" Judith G., mother of three, Paris

bullet  "Matt Black is one of our favorite guests here at The American Library in Paris. He always manages to engage the audience from the first strains of his guitar. His performances are wonderful fun - both for children and their accompanying parents!" Celeste Rhoads, Youth Librarian, The American Library in Paris

bullet  "At the end of every day, all the campers and counselors would sit in a circle and sing the looniest songs you'll ever hear. Matt would play his guitar, sing, and pull stuffed animals out of his bag of tricks, delighting the campers with hysterical visuals and verse. The children would sing and laugh till it hurt. A thoroughly engaging personality, Matt's connection with kids is clearly incredible, he makes every single one of them feel special in their own way. These memories are some of our fondest in our children's lives. Matt, you were a fantastic and life-affecting entertainer and educator for our children." Gary and Tracee J., New Canaan, CT (USA)

bullet  "We celebrated our girls' 6th and 8th birthdays with Matt who entertained over 35 children in an outdoor concert. They were mesmerized by his funny songs, and danced their hearts out during the contests. Not only did the children have a fun and memorable experience, but as a parent I found Matt to be extremely easy to work with. He was a real pro! Thanks for creating a great childhood memory for our girls!" Lisa B., Paris

bullet  "Matt was the highlight of my son’s 7th birthday party. He not only kept the kids entertained but got them to interact with the songs. His games also appealed to all the ages at the party from the youngest of 4 years to the 10 year olds. We still regularly play the CD he made for my son." Isabelle T., Paris

bullet  "Matt's song circle was always my favorite part of the day all through my years of summer camp and preschool! We all loved it so much, especially his puppets and little dance moves, which I still can remember to this day." Riley, former camper, Connecticut (USA)

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